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Squads Apps Iframe Adapter

The Squads iframe-adapter package is an easy way to get your app functioning within the Squads Apps ecosystem on Solana. It creates a bridge between your app and Squads so that any transaction from within your app is created as a Squads Multisig transaction on behalf of a multisig vault or authority.


The iframe-adapter operates very similar to a normal wallet, but will need the following in order to properly bridge your app to Squads

  1. The @sqds/iframe-adapter npm package.
  2. The app will need the proper Content Security Policy (CSP Header) for frame-ancestor: Content-Security-Policy: frame-ancestors https://iframe-preview.squads.so
  3. A small snippet of code (which may depend on your apps wallet configuration)


  1. Add the package to your project:
    npm install @sqds/iframe-adapter
    yarn add @sqds/iframe-adapter

  2. Add the proper CSP header:
    Content-Security-Policy: frame-ancestors https://iframe-preview.squads.so;

  3. Add the following code where your wallet adapter context is initialized:

    import {detectEmbeddedInSquadsIframe, SquadsEmbeddedWalletAdapter} from @sqds/iframe-adapter
    // then add the following conditional (or similar) where your supported wallets are loaded
    let wallets = detectEmbeddedInSquadsIframe() ? [new SquadsEmbeddedWalletAdapter("https://iframe-preview.squads.so")] : [ new PhantomWalletAdapter(), new ExodusWalletAdapter()];
    // the rest of your code
    return (
     <WalletProvider wallets={wallets} autoConnect>
    // etc

Testing the setup

Head over to https://iframe-preview.squads.so/apps/test/{yourSquadId} replacing the {yourSquadId} with the address of your Squad (NOT your vault). You can similarly go to your Squad multisig and simply change the URL to match the pattern mentioned here. You'll be asked to enter the URL of your app and a title, after which you can test to see that your app is properly configured to use Squads.

  1. You should be able to connect the SquadsEmbeddedWallet from the wallet selection in your app.
  2. The address displayed by your App should match your vault address

Adding your App to Squads

After you've validated that your App is ready to be integrated with Squads, send us a message on Telegram or Discord for final testing and implementation. During this process the url https://iframe-preview.squads.so will be change for the classic https://v3.squads.so




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