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Spark Code Highlighter

Easily highlight static code snippets using the wonderful CodeMirror. This wraps the CodeMirror run mode feature and adds language aliases, and DOM interaction.

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When requiring this module, be sure to also require the CodeMirror language modes for the languages you'll be working with. For example if you are going to highlight HTML, Javascript, and CSS, you might add this:

var Highlighter = require( '@spark-engine/code-highlighter' )

// Require highlighter modes
require( 'codemirror/mode/htmlmixed/htmlmixed' )
require( 'codemirror/mode/javascript/javascript' )
require( 'codemirror/mode/css/css' )

See CodeMirror's mode documentation for a complete list of supported languages.


Code snippets can be any element (not just a <pre> block) with data-lang attribute to set the language.

For example:

<pre data-lang='css'>
body {
  background: #c0ffee;

<div data-lang='ruby'>
puts 'hello world'

Then to highlight all code snippets on the page:


Pass a selector to only highlight code snippets which match that selector. The default selector is data-lang.

Alias languages

If your language doesn't seem to be highlighting properly, you can specify the mimetype that CodeMirror is using to identify your language. For SCSS, you'd use data-lang="text/x-scss". That's kind of verbose so this library adds some aliases so you can go on using data-lang="scss" and it is converted before invoking CodeMirror.

var aliases = {
  'html'  : 'text/html',
  'slim'  : 'text/slim',
  'js'    : 'text/javascript',
  'json'  : 'application/json',
  'sass'  : 'text/x-sass',
  'scss'  : 'text/x-scss',
  'bash'  : 'text/x-sh',
  'sh'    : 'text/x-sh'

To add an alias of your own, pass an object to aliasLang.

  'less': 'text/x-less'

And of course, remember to require the appropriate CodeMirror modes for your lanugages.


npm i @spark-engine/code-highlighter

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