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    Token JavaScript API

    The Token JavaScript library comprises:

    • A library to interact with the on-chain program
    • A test client that exercises the program
    • Scripts to facilitate building the program

    Getting Started

    First fetch the npm dependencies, including @solana/web3.js, by running:

    $ npm install

    Select a Network

    The client connects to a local Solana cluster by default.

    To enable on-chain program logs, set the RUST_LOG environment variable:

    $ export RUST_LOG=solana_runtime::native_loader=trace,solana_runtime::system_instruction_processor=trace,solana_runtime::bank=debug,solana_bpf_loader=debug,solana_rbpf=debug

    To start a local Solana cluster run:

    $ solana-test-validator

    Solana cluster logs are available with:

    $ solana --url logs

    Build the on-chain program

    $ npm run build:program

    Run the test client

    $ npm run start

    Pointing to a public Solana cluster

    Solana maintains three public clusters:

    • devnet - Development cluster with airdrops enabled
    • testnet - Tour De Sol test cluster without airdrops enabled
    • mainnet-beta - Main cluster

    Use npm scripts to configure which cluster.

    To point to devnet:

    $ npm run cluster:devnet

    To point back to the local cluster:

    $ npm run cluster:localnet


    1. (first-time only) Create your account on npmjs.com (with 2FA enabled!) and ask @mvines about granting the publish right and run npm login
    2. Bump version in package.json and npm install (to update package-lock.json)
    3. Create a PR for the version bump
    4. Merge the PR and push new git tag on master branch
    5. Create release on github.com from the pushed tag
    6. Run npm run build and npm publish




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