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AWS CDK with VueJs

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AWS CDK with VueJs package will auto deploy website with VueJs to S3 bucket and CloudFront distribution.

VueJs will build on local environment or docker container, it's based with Vue-CLI project. Then use S3-Deployment to upload to specify S3 bucket.

If you have many resource arguments will pass to frontend, the config property will generate config.js to specify S3 bucket. It's a VueJs extendsion and archive config in Vue.$config operation.



  npm install @softchef/cdk-vue
  // or
  yarn add @softchef/cdk-vue


import { VueDeployment } from '@softchef/cdk-vue'
// In your stack
// Basic deployment
const website = new VueDeployment(this, 'Website', {
  source: `${CLIENTS_PATH}`,
  config: {
    apiId: articleApi.restApiId, // RestApi
    userPoolId: userPool.userPoolId, // UserPool
    foo: {
      bar: {
        value: 123 // Customize config

VueDeployment Properties

  source: string;

  // Use target bucket or create new bucket(if not specify)
  bucket?: s3.Bucket;

  // Specify S3 bucket name, if not specify will random generate
  bucketName?: string;

  // S3 bucket prefix, ex: "/website"
  websiteDirectoryPrefix?: string;

  // CloudFront distribution defaultRootObject, default is "index.html"
  indexHtml?: string;

  // CloudFront will enable/disable Ipv6 options
  enableIpv6?: boolean;

  // Pass env variables to Vue-CLI bundling, you can get its in process.env(frontend)
  environment?: { [ key: string ]: string };

  // Pass bundling arguments to Vue-CLI
  bundlingArguments?: string;

  // Force run Vue-CLI build in local
  runsLocally?: boolean;

  // Force use docker to bundling
  forceDockerBundling?: boolean;

  // Specify the "config.js" in your web bucket key, default is "/config.js"
  configJsKey?: string;

  // Config object will upload to web bucket(config.js)
  config?: { [key: string]: any };

VueJs Example

// In public/index.html
<script type="text/javascript" src="/config.js">

// In main.js or app.js

// In *.vue
export default {
  mounted () {
    this.$config.get('foo.bar.value') // use "." to get value recursively

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