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What is "SockTrader"?

SockTrader is an open source cryptocurrency trading bot. You can use it to automatically buy and/or sell cryptocurrencies based on a strategy that you've programmed. The strategy basically contains a set of rules that will define when and how the bot should act in the cryptocurrency market. These rules can be based on technical analysis (what is technical analysis?) or you could simply tell the bot to buy/sell at certain price levels. In fact, it's up to you to decide the rules of the game!

The name "SockTrader" comes from websocket based trading bot. Which means that SockTrader will try to make use of a realtime connection with the exchange. This has the advantage that one can act very quickly in a changing market with low latency.

Sounds interesting?

We have 2 easy options to get you started, choose below:

Start quick demo app

  1. Git clone git clone git@github.com:SockTrader/SockTrader.git && cd SockTrader
  2. Install NodeJS dependencies. npm i
  3. Copy config/default.json to config/local.json and edit.
  4. Start postgres database docker-compose up
  5. Run the MovingAverageStrategy on LocalExchange. npm run start:backtest

Run SockTrader in your own project

Start using the SockTrader CLI. More info can be found on @socktrader/cli or on the main SockTrader GitHub page

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