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    Use the Svelte compiler to build your .svelte files from source. Supports TypeScript and Sass out-of-the-box via svelte-preprocess.

    npm install --save-dev @snowpack/plugin-svelte
    // snowpack.config.json
      "plugins": [
        ["@snowpack/plugin-svelte", { /* see optional “Plugin Options” below */ }]

    Plugin Options

    By default, this plugin will look for a svelte.config.js file in your project directory to load preprocess and compilerOptions configuration from. However, you can also customize Svelte directly via the plugin options below.

    Name Type Description
    configFilePath string Relative path to a Svelte config file. Defaults to load svelte.config.js from the current project root directory.
    input string[] Array of file extensions to process. Uses svelte.config.js extensions if available. Defaults to ['.svelte'].
    preprocess svelte.preprocess options Configure the Svelte pre-processor. If this option is given, the config file preprocess option will be ignored. If any preprocess option is set to false, preprocessing will be skipped entirely regardless of file content. If no preprocess option is given, this plugin defaults to use svelte-preprocess.
    compilerOptions svelte.compile options Configure the Svelte compiler.If this option is given, the config file preprocess option will be ignored.
    hmrOptions svelte-hmr options Configure HMR & "fast refresh" behavior for Svelte.




    npm i @snowpack/plugin-svelte

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