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    Svelte Material UI - Ripple

    Ripples are an interaction feedback mechanism.


    npm install --save-dev @smui/ripple

    Examples and Usage Information




    A ripple Svelte action.

    Props / Defaults

    The action accepts an array, with two entries. The first is a boolean, whether the ripple is enabled. The second is an object with the props:

    • ripple: true - Whether to enable the ripple.
    • surface: false - Whether the ripple surface classes should be added.
    • unbounded: false - Whether the ripple is unbounded.
    • disabled: false - Whether the node is disabled.
    • color: undefined - The ripple color. ('surface', 'primary', or 'secondary')
    • active: undefined - Used to determine active status of the ripple. If it's undefined, the ":active" pseudo class will be checked on activeTarget or the node.
    • eventTarget: undefined - An alternate element where ripple triggering event listeners will be added.
    • activeTarget: undefined - An alternate element where active status will be checked.
    • addClass: (className) => node.classList.add(className) - A function to add a class to the node.
    • removeClass: (className) => node.classList.remove(className) - A function to remove a class from the node.
    • addStyle: (name, value) => node.style.setProperty(name, value) - A function to add a style property to the node. If given a value of '' or null, it should remove the property.
    • initPromise: Promise.resolve() - A promise to wait for before initializing the ripple.

    More Information

    See Ripple in MDC-Web for information about the upstream library's architecture.


    npm i @smui/ripple

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