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    SmartBear Design System

    This repository contains presentational components implementing the SmartBear Design System.

    See a live demo based on StoryBook.


    Currently only React is supported. If you need support for a different framework please submit a pull request.


    First, make sure you add the following snippet to your <head> element in your HTML


    This is because the SmartBear design system registers Open Sans as the default sans font.

    Second, install the design system using one of the following mechanisms:

    Quick and Dirty

    Just add the CSS directly to your <head> element:

    <!-- Replace VERSION with the version you want -->

    While this is quick and makes it easy to try out, it is not recommended for production use, as the stylesheet is very large, and you will only be able to use the CSS Components.

    The HTML Components are only available if you install it with Node.js


    Install the npm module as a runtime dependency:

    npm install --save @smartbear/design-system

    You can now use React Components as well as the Tailwind CSS Plugin

    Tailwind CSS Plugin

    It's highly recommended you install Tailwind CSS.

    Add the plugin to your Tailwind config:

    // tailwind.config.js
    module.exports = {
      plugins: [require('@smartbear/design-system').tailwindPlugin],


    We would love pull requests from people in SmartBear to improve this library. Start by cloning this repo and fire up Storybook to see existing components:

    # Force the use of PostCSS 8 to avoid Storybook problems
    npx npm-force-resolutions
    # Install dependencies
    npm install
    # View components in Storybook
    npm run storybook

    Defining components

    We follow the tailwindcss guidelines for Extracting Components. This design system provides CSS components and Example components.

    When you define a new component you should always start by creating a new stories/*/MyComponent.stories.tsx file.

    While you're experimenting you can define the component in the same file, and when you're happy with it, extract it to a CSS Component or HTML Component.

    CSS Components

    Components that only require a single HTML element are defined as CSS Components. To create a new CSS Component:

    • Create a new src/molecules/*.css file.
    • Run npm run build-css-components. This will generate a CSS-in-JS .js file.
    • Register the component with addComponents in src/tailwindPlugin.js
    • @import the file in stories/index.css (otherwise it won't be loaded in StoryBook)

    HTML Components

    Components that require two or more HTML elements are defined as HTML components.

    This library currently uses React to define HTML Components. Support for additional UI libraries are welcome!

    React Components

    To create a new React Component just create a new src/{molecules,organism}/*.tsx file.

    SmartBear theme

    Because tailwindcss is centred around utility classes, the SmartBear theme is implemented by overriding and adding utilities to the standard set of utilities. This is described in more detail in Customizing Your Design System.

    The theme defines the following values:

    • Colours (using design system specific names)
    • Spacing (padding, margin, width and height)

    The theme is defined in src/tailwindPlugin.js.


    Before you release, update dependencies:

    npx npm-check-updates --upgrade
    npm install

    Verify that everything still looks ok in Storybook.

    Update the version number in standalone-example.html Update and commit. Now you can release:

    npm version [major|minor|patch]
    npm publish --access public && npm run deploy-storybook
    git push && git push --tags




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