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Renders hyperscript to HTML string

This is a fork of vhtml by Jason Miller but, unlike vhtml, it does not carry out any sanitisation. Sanitisation should be carried out at a higher level – for example in your server-side framework. You should most likely be using Jason’s module unless you understand the differences and know why you might prefer this one.

This module exists mainly for use by Kitten).

What’s different

The differences are mostly due to Kitten’s use case of targetting HTML authoring on the server.

  • Does not carry out sanitisation. Simply renders hyperscript (from e.g., htm or xhtm) into an HTML string. You must carry out sanisation of untrusted content before it reaches this module (e.g., in your authoring framework).

  • Boolean HTML attributes are output as just the name of the attribute, not attribute="true" (e.g.,h('main', {hidden: true}) is rendered as <div hidden></div>, not <div hidden="true"></div>)

  • It does not include support for dangerouslySetInnerHTML (as everything is dangerously set because it does not carry out validation).

  • You can include <style> and <script> tags in your markup.

  • HTML entities are supported.

Other differences:

  • Moved repository to Codeberg.
  • Changed npm package name to @small-tech/hyperscript-to-html-string
  • Reset version to 1.0.0 for new fork.
  • Made the module ESM-only to keep things simple.
  • Source is now in the main directory, in a single file.
  • Tests are now in tape with tap-monkey reporter instead of mocha and chai.
  • Tests now use xhtm instead of JSX.
  • Tests are now in the main directory, in a single file.
  • Removed 18 development dependencies including babel, rollup, and uglify.

For full list of changes, please see the changelog.


Via npm:

npm install @small-tech/vhtml


See vhtml but keep in mind that this module does not sanitise its content.


MIT (as per the original module)


npm i @small-tech/hyperscript-to-html-string

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