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    It is a way to order data in memory using the hash function and key.

    Hash(x) - is a hash function, x is a key. P(x) - is a probe function to fix when same index found - used only in Open Addressing.

    Same key fix options

    1. Seperate Chaining Using one of data structure to add more elements in same key - here we will use linked list.

    2. Open Addressing [NOT PROVIDED IN THE SOLUTION]

      Open addressing searches for free index in array and fill it. There are 3 options available here.

      a. Linear probing for ex: ax + b (a & b are constants)

      b. Quadratic probing for ex: ax2 + bx + c (a, b, c are constants)

      c. Double hashing for ex: h1(x) + h2(y) (h1 & h2 are hashing on key and result respectively)

    Ways to eliminate cycles.

    Maintain Greatest Common Denominator(N, a) = 1 where N - total elements, a - constant in h(x) = ax and Prime Numbers.

    Load Factor = a / N when load factor reaches its limit, hastable needs to be resized to next set of prime numbers and values should get refilled to maintain order.


    npm i @sivarajans/hash-table Note - only seperate chaining available in this module


    npm i @sivarajans/hash-table

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