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Situm SDK JS

A JavaScript library to interact with the Situm REST APIs to build your own applications with the power of SITUM.

License: MIT Latest version: Node compatibility: TypeScript

Getting Started

The SITUM SDK JS is Javascript library to create web applications using the REST API from Situm. This will allow you to fetch geospacial information and create your own js-based applications. We aim to make it easy to use for you and to keep your focus on creating your business logic over our services.

The best way to get started is to navigate through the Situm SDK JS documentation site:

  • Guide will give you a good overview of the library.
  • API Reference will help you use a particular class or method.
  • Examples will demo some specific features.
  • Support might answer some of your questions.


We use SemVer for versioning.

Please refer to CHANGELOG.md for a list of notables changes for each version of the library.

You can also see the tags on this repository.

Submitting Contributions

You will need to sign a Contributor License Agreement (CLA) before making a submission. Learn more here.


This project is licensed under the MIT - see the LICENSE.txt file for details.


API Reference

Run npm run doc to build the API reference documentation from jsdoc annotations.

Once the task is done, you can visit docs/public/index.html to check the reference

General documentation

You can read the general documentation that is published at https://situm.com/en/docs/sdk-js/ also in this repo.

Warning: internal links in these documents don't work. They are replaced when the documentation is published in https://situm.com/


The folder docs/guides contains general information about the Situm SDK JS library.

  • Quick start: get started quickly following this tutorial.
  • Upgrade considerations: if you have experience with previous versions of Situm SDK JS, this is the place to learn the differences between the former library and the newest one.
  • Glossary: terms that appear throughout the documentation.


In the folder examples/ you can find several folders with example for every feature of Situm SDK JS.

Reference topics

The document docs/reference/topics.md contains general considerations when working with Situm SDK JS. It's advisable to read them before diving in the API reference.


The folder docs/support contains several document with support documentation: support options, FAQs, error messages...


Run the tests

npm test

Build the library

npm run build

To watch the files

npm run build:watch

Generate the docs

npm run docs

Release version

npm run prepare-release
npm pack
npm publish

or for beta channel

npm run prepare-release
npm publish --tag beta

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