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Sitecore Discover JS SDK CLI

Command line tool for the Sitecore Discover React SDK.


npm install --save-dev @sitecore-discover/cli

Available commands

Command Description Aliases
sc-discover new-widget Generates files to create a new widget nw

Available options

Option Description
--version Shows version number
-h, --h Shows help

Create new widget

For widget creation, the CLI provides a command to generate the files based on the template repository The command needs a file named .sc-discover-settings.json in the same folder as the command has been called. If the file does not exist, the cli will create it. The following is an example of how this file should look:

    "components-path": "src-test/components"

Then, by executing sc-discover new-widget or sc-discovre nw a wizard will take over and will ask some questions for your component creation.

Sitecore Discover

Sitecore Discover lets you create best-in-class, engaging, and predictive personalized shopping experiences across all your e-commerce channels. Using Discover JS SDK and UI Components packages is the fastest way to integrate Discover experiences into your React applications. The two packages are exclusively created for React. You can install them in your project to access their contents. At compile time, the JS SDK is integrated into your React browser application.

The Discover JS SDK package contains components, functions, and query hooks.

For rapid integration, you can install the Sitecore Discover UI components package which contains headless primitives and widget templates for your React application.

Get started

You can get started with the Discover JS SDK starter site. Download the repository and customize.





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