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DIDComm React Native


Basic DIDComm v2 support for React Native framework (Android and iOS).

Under the hood

This package is React Native wrapper using DIDComm JVM library for Android and DIDComm Swift for iOS. It contains native modules that are using native libraries API and exposes Javascript/Typescript API using React Native bridge.

Design documentation for complex parts of implementation can be found in docs folder.


Install from npm:

npm install @sicpa_open_source/didcomm-react-native

If you need to use this package in another RN library:

Add following DIDComm resolvers initialization code to your App (it's a workaround that will be removed later):

import { NativeModules, NativeEventEmitter } from 'react-native'
import { useEffect } from 'react'
import { DIDCommResolversProxy } from "@sicpa_open_source/didcomm-react-native"

const { DIDCommResolversProxyModule } = NativeModules

export default function App() {

    useEffect(() => {
        const nativeEventEmitter = new NativeEventEmitter(DIDCommResolversProxyModule)
        return () => DIDCommResolversProxy.stop()

    return ...

A general usage of the API is the following:

  • Sender Side:
    • Build a Message (plaintext, payload).
    • Convert a message to a DIDComm Message for further transporting by calling one of the following:
      • Message.pack_encrypted to build an Encrypted DIDComm message
      • Message.pack_signed to build a Signed DIDComm message
      • Message.pack_plaintext to build a Plaintext DIDComm message
  • Receiver side:
    • Call Message.unpack on receiver side that will decrypt the message, verify signature if needed and return a Message for further processing on the application level.

Run demo


yarn bootstrap
yarn demo android


On Intel Mac:

yarn bootstrap
cd ./demo/ios && pod install && cd ./../..
yarn demo ios

On M1 Mac:

yarn bootstrap
cd ./demo/ios && arch -x86_64 pod install && cd ./../..
arch -x86_64 yarn demo ios

Publishing new version

Manually bump package version in package.json file. The package will be published automatically from main branch by GitHub Actions.

Common issues

Duplicate class errors related to com.google.crypto.tink

  • Error message:

    > A failure occurred while executing com.android.build.gradle.internal.tasks.CheckDuplicatesRunnable
    > Duplicate class com.google.crypto.tink.Aead found in modules jetified-tink-1.6.1 (com.google.crypto.tink:tink:1.6.1) and jetified-tink-android-1.5.0 (com.google.crypto.tink:tink-android:1.5.0)
     Duplicate class com.google.crypto.tink.BinaryKeysetReader found in modules jetified-tink-1.6.1 (com.google.crypto.tink:tink:1.6.1) and jetified-tink-android-1.5.0 (com.google.crypto.tink:tink-android:1.5.0)
     Duplicate class com.google.crypto.tink.BinaryKeysetWriter found in modules jetified-tink-1.6.1 (com.google.crypto.tink:tink:1.6.1) and jetified-tink-android-1.5.0 (com.google.crypto.tink:tink-android:1.5.0)
  • Solution: Exclude com.google.crypto.tink:tink module from library native package using gradle configuration

    implementation (project(":sicpa-dlab_didcomm-react-native")) {
        exclude(group: "com.google.crypto.tink", module: "tink")

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