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Shoutem CLI

Command-line tools for Shoutem extensions.

shoutem register

Enter your Shoutem credentials, and register as a developer. If you're not a Shoutem user yet, sign up at

$ shoutem register
Please enter your credentials
password ******
Please enter a new developer name
name Johnny
You are registered as "Johnny"

shoutem init

This will ask you a bunch of questions, and then write the extension.json file. Also, it will create app and server folders to store all assets of your extension.

$ shoutem init
This utility will walk you through creating the extension.json file
name (test) hello
version (0.0.1)
title (test)
description Hello, extensions!
Extension initialized

Layout after running shoutem init:

├── app
│   ├── index.js
│   └── package.json
├── extension.json
└── server

shoutem upload

Upload the extension so it can be installed to applications.

As long as version in extension.json is unchanged, every upload will simply overwrite the current content of the extension. Once you bump up the version, shoutem upload will not affect the already uploaded extension - instead, a new extension will be created which can be installed independently from previous versions.

shoutem install

Install extension into an app. If extension flag is not used, local extension will be installed.


Install local extension:

$ shoutem install --app=1234
Extension installed

Install any extension by id:

$ shoutem install --app=1234 --extension=5678
Extension installed

shoutem logout

Logout from Shoutem by erasing local credentials. After this, commands will ask you to login before continuing.

Default theme

On every rubicon theme change, CLI shoud be updated to reflect that change.

Rubicon default theme -> templates/theme/app/theme.js.template -> templates/theme/server-themes-variables.json.template