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This library contains type definitions and other utilities for writing UI extensions in Shopify’s checkout. However, nothing in this library is strictly required to write a UI extension. As a developer building a UI extension, you can forego the utilities this library provides entirely, and instead use the global shopify API directly in a plain JavaScript file. The script below is a valid UI extension script without any additional processing:

shopify.extend('Checkout::Dynamic::Render', (root, api) => {
  const button = root.createComponent('Button', {
    onPress() {

  button.appendChild('Buy now');


Keeping in mind that any utility provided by this library is only a convenience API on top of the shopify global, the rest of the documentation for this library will show examples using JavaScript imports from the @shopify/checkout-ui-extensions library. Using JavaScript modules in this way requires a build step, but can provide useful developer experience features and opportunities for build-time performance optimizations.

Getting started

Before you dig in to what this library has to offer, read through the Checkout UI extensions overview, and a getting started guide from one of the checkout extension examples.


This package provides utilities, types, and documentation for the many different APIs a UI extension can access. Before you write your first extension, you should read through the following documentation in order:

Once you’ve read the documents above, you’re ready to write a checkout extension. If you’re wanting to learn even more, this repo has a few additional guides that cover techniques for writing larger, more complex extensions:




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