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This is the npm package for the ShapeDiver Viewer.

For more information on ShapeDiver, please visit our homepage. If you need help, have a look at our help desk.


npm install --save @shapediver/viewer


The ShapeDiver Viewer consists of simple components that you can use in your own application. You can see here how you can create those components and some things that you can do with them. Please have a look at the specific documentations or the help desk for further information.


The session is the component that connects to the ShapeDiver servers. This component is used to change parameters, to create exports and to manage the outputs. For more information on what all of these terms mean, please visit our help desk page.

import { createSession } from '@shapediver/viewer';

const session = await createSession({
    id: 'mySession',
    ticket: MY_TICKET, 
    modelViewUrl: MY_MODEL_VIEW_URL

Once a session is created, the initial outputs are already loaded (unless specified otherwise in the method options).


The viewport is the component where the rendering takes place. To create it, a canvas is needed that is somewhere in your page.

import { createViewport } from '@shapediver/viewer';

const viewport = await createViewport({
    id: 'myViewport',
    canvas: document.getElementById('canvas') as HTMLCanvasElement

Once you created a viewport, you can see the logo. When nothing is in the scene yet, the logo is shown until there is something to render.

There are many options that you can already provide on initialization, please have a look at them here.


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