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    AdonisJS CRUD Generator

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    Version [for Adonis v5]

    This package allows you easily generate admin dashboard for your existing AdonisJS app. The package generates the following:

    • Migrations
    • Controllers
    • Model
    • Routes
    • Views

    Currently Supported

    • MySQL
    • PostgreSQL
    • SQLite


    • Adonisjs v5
    • Node >=8 (v14 recommended)
    • Mysql >=5
    • PostgreSQL >=10



    You can install the package via NPM:

    npm install @shagital/adonisjs-crud-generator

    Or with yarn

    yarn add @shagital/adonisjs-crud-generator


    • Configure the package using node ace configure @shagital/adonisjs-crud-generator. This should update your .adonisrc.json file.
    • Ensure your app is completely setup with @adonisjs/auth and @adonisjs/lucid
    • If you choose to use redis to save tokens, you have to install `@adonisjs/redis'
    • Depending on which hashing algorithm you choose in config/hash.ts, you'll have to install the corresponding dependency e.g phc-bcrypt for bcrypt.
    • The api authentication method has to be functional becuase this package uses auth:api. If you want to save tokens in redis, you have to install @adonisjs/redis
    • Run node ace crud:init --prefix=admin to generate default files for admin panel. Where prefix is the base path for admin routes to be generated
    • Default admin password will be shown to you when the command is done. Copy it somewhere for login. In case you forget or need to change it, you can open database/migrations/admin_default_role_permission.ts to see the password. You can also change password after login
    • Update config/crudGenerator.ts to customise settings

    • The default admin email is You can change the email before running migration
    • Run migration node ace migration:run to create admin user and set up roles and permissions
    • Change to the admin app directory cd resources/views/admin
    • Run npm install or yarn install to install dependencies
    • At this point, your admin dashboard should be ready to use
    • Start the API server: node ace serve or yarn dev
    • Start the frontend app: npm run serve or yarn serve
    • You should be able to change your password after successful login
    • If you encouter CORS error, open config/cors.ts and configure the cors settings correctly.


    To generate CRUD management for table regions, run node ace crud:generate regions and the following will be created

    • Controller app/Controllers/Http/Admin/RegionsController.ts
    • start/routes.ts file will be updated with new routes
    • Mode App/Models/Region.ts model will be created with appropriate relationships hooks
    • A migration file will be generated to add new permissions for the admin
    • Vue files will be generated and the sidebar will be updated with new links

    Navigate to your app and you should see the Region menu on the sidebar

    Available Commands

    • node ace crud:controller tableName: This creates controller file and route
    • node ace crud:model tableName: This creates model file node ace relationships
    • node ace crud:permission tableName: This creates migration file for crud permissions
    • node ace crud:view tableName: This creates vue files
    • node ace crud:init tableName: This runs all of the above commands


    • --connection: This option allows you specify which DB connection to use for the command e.g node ace crud:controller tableName --connection=sqlite

    NB: The connection must have been defined in config/database.ts

    • --migrate: This option is available for the crud:generate and crud:permission commands. It tells the system to automatically run the newly created migration files.
    • --prefix: This option is available when initialising the CRUD with crud:init. It allows you specify a prefix for the admin endpoints that'll be created. If not specified, the system generates a random prefix


    Run npm run build or yarn build

    • Your view app should be available on http://<BASE_URL>/<prefix>


    If an error occurs while executing any of the command, it'll crash. Simply check your log to find out what went wrong - likely a file/directory permission issue, then run the command again.

    Note: Except otherwise stated, the commands always overwrite existing files (with same name)








    • Add tests


    If you have a feature you'd like to add, kindly send a Pull Request (PR)


    If you discover any security related issues, please email instead of using the issue tracker.



    The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.


    npm i @shagital/adonisjs-crud-generator

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