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    SQ Form Library

    SQ Form Library aims to offer reusable form components to unify the UI for all SelectQuote applications.



    Viewing the Storybook

    The latest version of the SQForm Library Storybook can be viewed here.


    When you make changes to this repo, you must adhere to the Conventional Commit standard.

    If you are unfamiliar with writing Conventional Commit style messages, you can use the commitizen to guide you through creating the commit message

    git add .
    npm run commit

    The commit will be validated through a linter pre-commit hook and will reject any commit messages that do not properly adhere to the convention.

    Conventional Commit formatted messages are required for proper versioning and automatic generation of release notes / CHANGELOG. Currently, only feat and fix will bump the version.

    Your first commit should use the type relevant to what you're working on, e.g., feat or fix, then if you receive feedback in a PR requiring another commit, choose chore; this will prevent those extra commits cluttering the changelog.

    For BREAKING CHANGES Type a brief description of the breaking change when asked if there is a breaking change. Otherwise, press the ENTER key to skip over the breaking change optional question.

    • A breaking change will cause a MAJOR SemVer bump. Ex: 3.0.5 -> 4.0.0


    • > npm install @selectquotelabs/sqform

    Breaking Changes

    Version 7

    In SQForm v7, we have removed the SQFormIconButton in favor of the SQFormButton where the text says either "Submit" or "Save". Please replace all occurrences of SQFormIconButton with SQFormButton in the consuming application.

    Version 6

    In SQForm v6, we no longer need to pass the isRequired prop to any form components. The components now derive whether or not they are a required field based on the Yup validation schema of the form.

    While removing this boilerplate is nice, this allows us to handle situations where a fields required attribute is conditional. We can fully rely on the validation schema rather than also creating a mechanism to make isRequired conditional and keeping the isRequired prop in sync with the validation schema.

    We ALWAYS want a required field to say Required in the fields helper text. We are no longer required to specify the Required text within our validation schemas as long as we follow the setup below in the consumer app. Otherwise, you'll still need to say for example: foo: Yup.string().required('Required')

    When updating the consuming applications version of SQForm to v6, please add this code to the root of the client:

    // root of the consumer app such as index.js
    import {setLocale} from 'yup';
      mixed: {
        required: 'Required',

    During this time, please search the project for validation schemas that use array(). If they are required. Please ensure .required() is the FIRST validation method in the chain.

    // ✅ Example
    options: Yup.array()
      .min(1, 'Please choose one option'),
    // ⛔️ Example
    options: Yup.array()
      .min(1, 'Please choose one option')

    When upgrading the consumer application to SQForm v6, we should also cleanup any use of the isRequired prop. While this is optional in JavaScript projects, this is extra noise and a possible spot of confusion for future new developers. The isRequired prop does nothing in v6.

    For TypeScript, please remove the isRequired property from any TypeScript types and interfaces.

    Migration from SC+ Shared Components Library

    • > npm install @selectquotelabs/sqform

    • Update all SQForm related imports from scplus-shared-components to @selectquotelabs/sqform

    • SQDialogForm was renamed to SQFormDialog (fix where imported)

    • SQDialogStepper was renamed to SQFormDialogStepper (fix where imported)

    • SQDialogStep was renamed to SQFormDialogStep (fix where imported)

    Initial Setup

    Coming Soon...


    To get started first install the projects dependencies

    $ npm install

    It's recommended to use the Node version specified in the .nvmrc file. If you have nvm installed execute the following terminal command:

    $ nvm use

    Note: If you run nvm use and don't have that version of Node installed, nvm will tell you how to install it

    Running Storybook locally

    $ npm run storybook

    Running the Docs Page Locally

    1. Install Doc page dependencies
    $ cd SQFormDocs && npm i
    1. Run the docs page
    $ npm run docs


    We use SemVer for versioning. For the versions available, see the tags on this repository.




    npm i @selectquotelabs/sqform

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