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Scrypted NVR Plugin

NVR plugin for Scrypted.

This plugin is currently only intended for local RTSP cameras. Cloud cameras, such as Ring, Google, and Arlo may work but are not supported.

New Scrypted users are encouraged to integrate and verify their cameras with Scrypted before using the NVR plugin.

Purchase and Manage Subscription

This Scrypted NVR Plugin is in a paid public beta. A live demo server and free trial is available to test the product.

  1. Visit to the billing portal and login to purchase a subscription. Return to the billing portal at any time to upgrade or cancel the subscription.
  2. Login to the Scrypted NVR Plugin using the same login account from the billing potral. The plugin's Login button can be found at the top of the Scrypted NVR plugin page within the Scrypted Management Console.

Scrypted NVR on Mac and Windows must Install or Migrate to the Desktop Application.


Please refer to the Camera Setup steps in the docs for optimal performance, even if the Camera has already been added to Scrypted.

Installation documentation for the NVR can be found on the primary Scrypted Documentation site, and contains the guide for adding cameras, configuring recording storage, cloud access, and downloading the mobile apps.


Help and support can also be found on the Scrypted Discord #nvr Channel.

Optional/Tip: If you're a member of the Scrypted Discord server, you can use this link to get an exclusive role as an NVR Subscriber.

Home Assistant Cards

Scrypted NVR provides Home Assistant cards.

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