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    Quartz/Unix Cron Component - Angular

    Angular cron widget built from the ground up using only Bootstrap 4 CSS.

    Please check our demo & documentation and the list of issues to see all the things we are working on. Feel free to make comments there.


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    Getting Started

    This is an open source project that builds a cron builder component for Angular applications. It supports Quartz/Unix cron string formats for both input and output. Inspired by this non-angular implementation.


    You can use either the npm or yarn command-line tool to install packages.

    npm install --save @sbzen/ng-cron

    Display the cron component

    You need to import the QuartzCronModule that you want to display by adding the following lines to your ngModule.

    import { QuartzCronModule } from '@sbzen/ng-cron';
    @NgModule ({
    	imports: [

    Add the cron component into yout template


    Usage & Demo

    Main source of API documentation and usage scenarios available here:

    How to build lib for development

    First time:

    • clone repository
    • npm install

    Build the library:

    • npm run build ng-cron

    For local development run:

    • npm start angular-doc


    The only two required dependencies are Angular and cron-core. The Bootstrap CSS is optional as you can use this component with your own styling. Here is the versions compatibility list:

    Ng Cron Angular Bootstrap CSS
    0.0.1 7.x.x 4.x.x
    1.0.1 11.x.x 4.x.x


    npm i @sbzen/ng-cron

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