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    Generates and compares hashes using bcrypt or argon2. It serves as a simple interface to those 2 libraries for easy of use and configuration internally in Sapphire Framework.


    $ npm install --save @sapphirejs/hash

    The main Hash class takes an algorithm as a parameter, either Algorithm.Bcrypt or Algorithm.Argon2.

    To generate a hash:

    const { Hash, Algorithm } = require('@sapphirejs/hash')
    const hasher = new Hash(new Algorithm.Bcrypt())
    const hash = await hasher.generate('sTr0nG_pA55')

    To compare a plaintext password against a hash:

    if (await hasher.compare('some_pass', hash)) {
      // you got in!

    Both generate and compare return a Promise, and when used with await, need to be called in an async function which was omitted in the examples for brevity.


    Bcrypt takes a single rounds option that configures the number of rounds the module will go through to hash the password. The higher the value, the stronger the hash but the more expensive to compute. By default it's set to 12 rounds, which is a good start.

    new Hash(new Algorithm.Bcrypt({ rounds: 14 }))

    Argon2 has more flexibility in terms of configuration. Below are the options it takes and their default values:

    new Hash(new Algorithm.Argon2({
      timeCost: 3,
      memoryCost: 12,
      parallelism: 1

    Custom Algorithms

    If you need to extend the provided algorithms with another third-party one, you can achieve it with a simple class that implements the generate and compare methods. Both of them should return promises. An example:

    class AwesomeAlgorithm {
      generate(plain) {
        // return the hash
      compare(plain, hash) {
        // compare and return true|false


    npm i @sapphirejs/hash

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