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    Version 1 of SAP Cloud SDK is no longer maintained. Check the upgrade guide for switching to version 2:

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    Version 2 Release

    The SAP Cloud SDK has released version 2. Check the upgrade guide for more details. Make sure you understand our release policy.


    This package contains the core functionality of the SAP Cloud SDK as well as the SAP Business Technology Platform abstractions.


    $ npm install @sap-cloud-sdk/core


    The core is the heart of the SAP Cloud SDK and contains the functionality that is essential to every project powered by the SDK. Any OData client built by the SAP Cloud SDK, be it the VDM or clients built by the generator are using the core. We recommend to install this in addition to your clients.

    Below is an example showing how you can build and execute your request with multiple filters by using an function called and.

    import { and } from '@sap-cloud-sdk/core';
    import { BusinessPartner } from '@sap/cloud-sdk-vdm-business-partner-service';
    // Build your filters
    const firstNameFilter = BusinessPartner.FIRST_NAME.equals('firstName');
    const lastNameFilter = BusinessPartner.LAST_NAME.equals('lastName');
    // Execute your request with two filters
     .filter(and(firstNameFilter, lastNameFilter))

    For more detailed overview visit our OData client documentation.


    The recommended way to get in touch with us is to create an issue in our github repository. Select the issue category Bug, Feature or Question depending on the nature of your request. We try to provide fixes, features and answers as soon as possible.


    If you would like to contribute to the SAP Cloud SDK, please make yourself familiar with our contributing guidelines and follow the given instructions.



    The SAP Cloud SDK is released under the Apache License Version 2.0.


    npm i @sap-cloud-sdk/core

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