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    Sanity Graph Import

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    sanity-graph-import is a tool for making partial migrations from one Sanity dataset or project to another. This can be useful if you only want to import particular documents and those they reference. A common use case might be "refreshing" a staging dataset from production - when the production dataset is large and would otherwise take a lot of time and bandwidth to export & import.

    This script will take a selection of initial documents (provided by you as simple Sanity queries), then traverse through all documents it references, find all assets used by any of these documents, then add them to your destination dataset as a "complete" dataset with fully resolved references.

    Example: Your production dataset has 1000's of article documents, each of which contain references to one or more author documents. For your staging dataset, you only want the first 10 articles and their authors -- as well as any image & file assets these documents include.

    Looking to copy an entire dataset? Use Sanity's CLI instead instead.

    Coming Soon

    • Run from the command line
    • Specify the depth of graph traversal (current default is 1)


    yarn add @sanctucompu/sanity-graph-import


    // my-project/scripts/migrate.js
    import { migrate } from '@sanctucompu/sanity-graph-import'
    import CreateClient from '@sanity/client'
    const sourceClient = CreateClient({
      projectId: 'abc123xyz',
      dataset: 'production',
    const destinationClient = CreateClient({
      projectId: 'abc123xyz',
      dataset: 'staging',
      token: '789abc123xyz', // Required!
    const initialQueries = [
      /* Fetch the 10 latest articles */
        query: `
          *[_type == 'article']
          | order(releaseDate desc)
          | order(_createdAt desc) [0...$count]
        params: {
          count: 10,
      /* Fetch the homepage document */
        query: `*[_type == 'homepage']`,
    async function run() {
      const config = {
        source: {
          client: sourceClient,
        desitination: {
          client: destinationClient,
      await migrate(config)

    Then, run node my-project/scripts/migrate.js

    This configuration will populate your destination dataset with:

    • 10 article documents
    • Every author document referenced in those articles
    • The homepage document
    • All assets from all of the above
    • And any other documents referenced in the articles or the homepage




    A promise that resolve's with the final mutation results.

    config: ImportConfig

    interface ImportConfig {
      source: SourceConfig
      destination: DestinationConfig
    type QueryParams = Record<string, any>
    interface QueryArgs {
      query: string
      params?: QueryParams
    interface SourceConfig {
      initialQueries: QueryArgs[]
      client: SanityClient
    interface DestinationConfig {
      /* The destination client must have a write token! */
      client: SanityClient
       * The number of documents to include in a batch.
       * default: 35
       * If you are getting 'content-length' errors during migration,
       * set this to a lower number.
      batchSize?: number
       * Set this value to true or false to skip the prompt to delete
       * all documents in the target dataset.
       * default: undefined
       * Leave undefined to include the prompt.
      deleteData?: boolean | void






    Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

    Joseph Thomas

    📖 💻 ⚠️

    This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!




    npm i @sanctucompu/sanity-graph-import

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