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eslint-plugin-lwc-graph-analyzer is an ESLint plugin that analyzes the data flow graph of a Lightning web component, to ensure the component can be statically analyzed, a requirement for LWC data priming and offline use cases.

Should I use this plugin?

This plugin wraps the Komaci static analyzer, which interrogates your Lightning web component's @wire definitions and dependency graph, and validates whether these can be statically analyzed. Static analyzability is a requirement for LWCs to support offline use cases. Using this plugin will help you catch any exceptions to your component's static analyzability, ensuring that it can take full advantage of the Lightning SDK's offline capabilities.


To add this plugin to your package/project, install it with your favorite Node.js package manager.


$ yarn add --dev @salesforce/eslint-plugin-lwc-graph-analyzer


$ npm install --save-dev @salesforce/eslint-plugin-lwc-graph-analyzer


Here's an example snippet of a .eslintrc.json configuration file, that will configure the eslint-plugin-lwc-graph-analyzer plugin. Extending the plugin:@salesforce/lwc-graph-analyzer/recommended ESLint configuration will enable static analysis on all .js and .html files used in your Lightning web components.

    "extends": ["eslint:recommended", "plugin:@salesforce/lwc-graph-analyzer/recommended"]

In an SFDX project, you would most commonly add this configuration at the root of your LWC "tree"—which by default resides at force-app/main/default/lwc/—since the plugin's analysis applies specifically to Lightning web components.

Note: If you have a .eslintignore configuration in your project, do not add an entry to ignore HTML files. This will cause the plugin to skip linting on LWC bundles that include HTML templates. There are a number of Komaci-based static analysis rules that apply specifically to the HTML template of a Lightning web component bundle.




npm i @salesforce/eslint-plugin-lwc-graph-analyzer

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