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Salesforce Apex Language Grammar

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This repository contains the source code for generating the language grammar files for Salesforce's Apex.


Development and setup of this project has not been tested for Windows OS. You may see a node-gyp error - follow the instrutions here to resolve it.


To build and test install Node.js do the following:

  • Run yarn install to install any dependencies.
  • Run yarn run build to build using gulp.
  • Run yarn run test to run tests.

Output grammars are output in the grammars/ directory.

To see the token changes from within the Salesforce VS Code Extensions:

  1. Copy the apex.tmLanguage results into ../salesforcedx-vscode/packages/salesforcedx-vscode-apex/node_modules/@salesforce/apex-tmlanguage/grammars/apex.tmLanguage.
  2. From the Command Palette select Developer: Inspect Editor Tokens and Scopes.

Adding grammar rules

Token structure is based off of Textmate's Language Grammar guidelines

Tests for SOQL grammar

For the standalone SOQL grammar, tests are executed with vscode-tmgrammar-tests.

|-- simple_account.soql "Manually" created test cases
|-- ...
`-- snapshots/          "Snapshot-based" test cases
    |-- example-*.soql
    |-- example-*.soql.snap
    `-- ...

The difference between manual vs. snapshot tests is that the latter are auto-generated and can be updated with command vscode-tmgrammar-snap -u. They are useful to quickly see the output of applying the grammar and catch regressions.

The example-* queries were taken from Example SELECT clauses.

Supported outputs

  • grammars/apex.tmLanguage.cson - for Atom
  • grammars/apex.tmLanguage - TextMate grammar (XML plist)
  • grammars/soql.tmLanguage - TextMate grammar (XML plist) for standalone SOQL files


Merges to main on this repo with commits of type 'feat' or 'fix' get automatically published as a GitHub release and an NPM package through Github Actions.


This repository was copied from https://github.com/dotnet/csharp-tmLanguage

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