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A set of functions to simplify building Salable applications in JavaScript/Node.js.


# npm
npm install @salable/js

# yarn
yarn add @salable/js

# pnpm
pnpm install @salable/js


The library features exports for both ECMAScript Modules (ESM) and CommonJS (CJS).

import salableJs from '@salable/js'
// or
const salableJs = require('@salable/js')

For convenience, the functions documented are also added to the window object on the web under the salable object. So, getGrantee can be accessed via window.salable.getGrantee.

getGrantee({ apiKey: string, productUuid: string, granteeId?: string })

Returns data based on the current user. This function is scoped to a user (through the provided granteeId) and a product (through the provided productUuid).

Also returns a hasCapability utility function that simplifies the checking of the provided user's capabilities.


import { getGrantee } from '@salable/js'

const { hasCapability, licenses, capabilities, isTest } = await getGrantee({
  apiKey: 'your-api-key',
  productUuid: 'your-product-uuid',
  granteeId: 'your-users-grantee-id',

if (hasCapability('edit')) {
  console.log('You have the edit capability!')

getProduct({ apiKey: string, productUuid: string, withDeprecated?: boolean})

Returns useful data about the current product. Can be used for many things including the creation of custom pricing tables.

By default, plans and features that are marked as DEPRECATED will be excluded from the response. If you would like these returned, you can pass in an optional options object with { withDeprecated: true }.


import { getProduct } from '@salable/js'

const { name, plans } = await getProduct({
  apiKey: 'your-api-key',
  productUuid: 'your-product-uuid',
  withDeprecated: true,

getCheckoutLink({ apiKey: string, planUuid: string, successUrl: string, cancelUrl: string, granteeId: string, member: string })

Returns a checkout link for the specified planUuid.


import { getCheckoutLink } from '@salable/js'

const checkoutLink = await getCheckoutLink({
  planUuid: 'your-plan-uuid',
  apiKey: 'your-api-key',
  successUrl: 'https://your.apps/success',
  cancelUrl: 'https://your.apps/cancel',
  granteeId: 'your-users-id',
  member: 'your-users-id',
  checkoutEmail: '', // optional, pre-fills email field in Stripe checkout
  quantity: 5, // optional, the number of seats purchased on checkout (if using per-seat plan, default is minimum number set on plan)
  currency: 'EUR', // optional, defaults to the product's default currency in Salable

createScope({ apiKey: string, productUuid: string })

Creates scoped versions of all other functions exposed by this package where the productUuid and apiKey are already provided. This allows you to pass these values in one time, rather than with each call if that's what you'd prefer.

This function isn't available on the window.salable object in the browser.


import { createScope } from '@salable/js'

const { getGrantee, getProduct } = createScope({
  apiKey: 'your-api-key',
  productUuid: 'your-product-uuid',

// This function now only takes the `granteeId`, the other values are already
// passed in by the `createScope` call.
const user = await getGrantee({ granteeId: 'the-users-grantee-id' })




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