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Simple CLI for monorepo/multipackage.

sui-mono is a tool that aims to simplify management for monorepo/multipackage projects (sui for example) but it also works with monopackage projects.

sui-mono provides:

  • Commit template → sui-mono commit
  • Release manager (parses commits to publish packages according to their changes) → sui-mono check, sui-mono release
  • Run commands inside each package → sui-mono run npm install, sui-mono run-parallel npm install

We use:

sui-mono provides, among other things, a standard template for commit messages (sui-mono commit) and is able to decide what needs to be released for you (sui-mono check & sui-mono release).


$ npm install @s-ui/mono --save-dev


run command on all packages

You can run a single command on each package of the monorepo (each subfolder with its own package.json), in series

$ sui-mono run <command>
$ sui-mono run npx rimraf node_modules
$ sui-mono run npm install

You can also run them in parallel

$ sui-mono run-parallel <command>
$ sui-mono run-parallel npx rimraf node_modules
$ sui-mono run-parallel npm install


To reset your project and all its contained packages.

sui-mono phoenix

Equivalent to npx rimraf node_modules && npm i but it works on any environment and sui-mono phoenix executes it concurrently on each package (and/or on your project root folder).

By default commands will be executed on chunks of 20 packages, but you can change it with -c, --chunk option:

sui-mono phoenix -c 5

So, if executing many commands as the same time in your machine is too heavy, you can adjust it. You can also disable the chunks with 0 value and always execute all commands in parallel:

sui-mono phoenix -c 0

If you don't want a fancy progress output (for instance in CI env), you can force a plain text output:

sui-mono phoenix --no-progress

Reinstalls all scope packages but ignores the node_modules folder and package-lock.json file at the root level of your project

sui-mono phoenix --no-root

Ables you to just reinstall the dependencies from a single scope

sui-mono phoenix --no-root --scope atom/button


You do your normal git workflow, but when commiting you should use:

sui-mono commit

It will prompt you with questions regarding your changes and will generate a standard commit message for you

commit-all commit for all contained packages

You can commit the same message for all packages that actually contained stageable files.

sui-mono commit-all -t "feat" -m "Refactor of dependencies"

The precommit will be executed only for the first commit.

check & release

In order to release the steps are:

Preview what will be released

sui-mono check

Release all the packages

sui-mono release

In case you want to release a single package use the --scope param

sui-mono release --scope "packages/sui-test"

Your packages could use a prepublish script that will be executed before any release.

👉 sui-mono creates a new MINOR version for the package only when fix, perf or feat commits are detected, and a new MAJOR version if there is some commit marked as BREAKING CHANGES. Otherwise (any other types of commits detected), no new version will be generated and nothing will be released

Automatic release (only CI)

In case you want to release via CI the --github-user --github-email and --github-token must be passed by like follows:

sui-mono release --github-user [username] --github-email [user email] --github-token [TOKEN]

If you want the package-lock.json to be committed once the packages are released, use the --lock flag.

sui-mono release --lock

How to configure your project

First you need to install the @s-ui/mono package in your project

npm i --save-dev @s-ui/mono

Then, you can configure your package.json to suit your needs

sui-mono allows you to configure some parts of its functioning, but it also defines a few defaults for convenience.

Here's a full example of the options:

"private": true,
"workspaces": ["components/**"],
"config": {
  "sui-mono": {
    "access": "public",
    "overrides": {
      "literals": [{
        "regex": "Lokalise:"
  "validate-commit-msg": {
    "types": "@s-ui/mono/src/types"


If you specify that your package is private ("private": true,), it will be ignored by @s-ui/mono releases and thus it won't get pushed to the npm repository.


By default packages will be published as restricted in npm. If you want them to be public you will need to set "access": "public". It is possible to set the access property by package, for example:

├── Package A - Access set to "public"
├── Package B - Access set to "restricted"
└── Package C - No access prop set
  • Package A will always be released as "public" no matter Root's value
  • Package B will always be released as "restricted" no matter Root's value
  • Package C will be released as "public" or "restricted" depending on the Root's value, if not set there either, it will be released as "restricted"


👉 Setting the proper scope in the commit message is important, because this is used for sui-mono check and sui-mono release to assign changes to specific packages and release them to the proper packages

Workspaces is a generic term that refers to the set of features that provides support to managing multiple packages from your local files system from within a singular top-level, root package.

These workspaces are defined in the root package.json of the project and uses glob pattern. The pattern will search all the folders with a valid package.json file and not inside a node_modules folder in order to get all the available scopes.

This information will be used for releases and commitizen scopes.


There are some cases when the commit message is automatically generated by a third-party (e.g. Lokalise). For this kind of case the overrides field could be used.

"overrides": {
  "literals": [{
    "regex": "Lokalise:"
  }, {
    "regex": "Update lokalise"
  "domain": [{
    "regex": "Tracker"

The overrides field takes an object of scopes, where each scope can have a collection of regular expressions defined under the literals key. When the commit header matches any of the specified regexes, a minor package update will be performed.

This feature grants you the flexibility to seamlessly manage automatic commit messages from external sources, maintaining versioning accuracy.


Project Example

So, if you have a project like this:


You will have to add the next config on workspaces in your package.json root file:

  "workspaces": ["src/**"]

This will give you a list of scopes like this one for your commit:

Case sui-studio

In the case of sui-studio, which generates a folder like this one:


If you set the configuration of your project like this:

"workspaces": ["components/**"]

You will have a list of scopes like this one when performing a commit:


Manual scopes

There may be cases that you may want to add scopes for informative purposes but not related in any way with the releases

Take in care that this scopes will not be relevant for the release, and if you commit to one package that has his own scope, but you use a custom scope, a release will not be generated. Custom scopes are for a very rare cases and you may not need it most of the times.

Use customScopes in this cases like in the example. The scopes will be added to the automatically generated ones.

Migration from v1

packagesFolder and deepLevel are not longer used

You should use workspaces based on npm and yarn native config instead.


  "config": {
    "sui-mono": {
      "packagesFolder": "components",
      "deepLevel": 2


  "workspaces": ["components/**"]

build script is not longer executed before release

Instead, you should rely on using prepublish script




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