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human-css-colors provides a set of micro-attributes to easily specify and control CSS color styling. It is a sister repo to human-css-numbers and human-css-classes (and used by the latter).

It exposes a single custom property on designated elements named --color which you may use as you see fit.


<span dark red color>

Colors are specified using the flexible HSL model. This allows you to easily think of colors in terms of their hue, lightness, and saturation. The standard hues are red, orange, yellow, lime, green, aquamarine, cyan, azure, blue, purple, magenta, and pink. The hues can then be adjusted with additional micro-classes for saturation, including pure, x-bright, bright, dull, x-dull, and gray, and with additional micro-classes for lightness, including white, x-light, light, dark, x-dark, and black.

In addition, any HTML color, such as steelblue, can be used as an attribute to specify the desired color. To distinguish HTML colors from hues of the same name, add the attribute html, as in html red.

Global HSL values

The actual application of a color to a specific element is triggered by the presence of the color attribute. Without that, you are setting the hue, saturation, lightness, or alpha value for child elements. For example, in conjunction with a micro-class/attribute library such as human-css-classes, the following will yield a red bordered div, with lighter red text:

<div hue red>
  <div thick border color>
    <div lighter text color>

The global HSL values may be modified for a particular element by the attributes purer or brighter, duller or grayer, whiter or lighter, and darker or blacker, or corresponding versions prefixed with x-.


npm install --save-dev rtm@human-css-colors
yarn add rtm@human-css-colors

Then, in some file that a CSS processor will process:

@import "@rtm/human-css-colors";


This repo uses CSS custom properties, also known as CSS variables, in its implementation. This excludes IE11 from consideration.



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