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    Upload URL Input

    Input component to enter a URL (or any string for that matter) that will be sent as an upload.

    This can be useful for services that accept a URL and do server-side fetch. Cloudinary is such a service.

    The best place to get started is at our: React-Uploady Documentation Website


       $ yarn add @rpldy/uploady @rpldy/upload-url-input
       $ npm i @rpldy/uploady @rpldy/upload-url-input


    Name (* = mandatory) Type Default Description
    id string undefined id attribute to pass to the button element
    className string undefined the class attribute to pass to the button element
    placeholder string undefined input's placeholder text
    validate ValidateMethod undefined function to validate input's value before its sent
    uploadRef React Ref undefined ref will be set to the upload callback so it can be triggered from the outs ide (see example)
    ignoreKeyPress boolean false by default pressing Enter will initiate the upload, set to true in order to disable this behavior

    In addition, most UploadOptions props can be passed to UploadButton. In order to override configuration passed to the parent Uploady component. See Uploady documentation for detailed list of upload options.


    import React, { useRef } from "react";
    import Uploady from "@rpldy/uploady";
    import UploadUrlInput from "@rpldy/upload-url-input";
    const MyUrlUpload = () => {
        const uploadRef = useRef(null);
        const onClick = () => {
            if (uploadRef && uploadRef.current) {
                uploadRef.current(); //initiate upload
        return <Uploady>
            <UploadUrlInput placeholder="URL to upload"
                uploadRef={uploadRef} />
            <button onClick={onClick}>Upload</button>


    npm i @rpldy/upload-url-input

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