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Colyseus Rivet Plugin

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Multiplayer SDK for JavaScript/TypeScript.
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Server Plugin

First install the Colyseus Rivet plugin for your Colyseus server. (It's compatible with the old Colyseus Arena API.)

Example Code

Examples of using the Colyseus JavaScript plugin with Rivet are available here.

WIP Notice

This library is an MVP to run a scalable Colyseus game on top of Rivet.

Room IDs

We intend to integrate deeper room integration to better replicate the Arena-style room placement.

Creating Lobbies

Rivet does not allow you to create a lobby at the moment. You must use joinOrCreate or joinById.

Room options on matchmaker

The matchmaker only uses the room name and room ID to filter lobbies. Room options cannot be used to filter lobbies at the moment.

Lobby reconnection

Lobby reconnection is not supported yet.

Removed auth support

Support for Colyseus social was deprecated, so we removed it in this library. If you are looking for an alternative, check out Rivet Identities.

Fork Versioning

This library will match the minor version (i.e. MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH) of the master branch.

Running Test Client

The test server is used for manual testing for development. For more comprehensive examples, check out the Colyseus examples repo.

Project setup


  1. Run the test server here
  2. Build the client: yarn run build
  3. Serve the client: yarn run serve-test
  4. Visit http://localhost:8080
  5. When prompted for a token, paste the token logged by the test server

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