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    Installation 📦

    yarn add @rescriptbr/reform @rescriptbr/reschema

    Then add it to bsconfig.json

    "bs-dependencies": [

    Then add lenses-ppx

    yarn add lenses-ppx -D

    And update your bsconfig.json with ppx-flags

    "ppx-flags": [

    Why? 💡

    As you might know, you can use any existing React / JavaScript libraries with ReScript, including form libraries like Formik, react-hook-form, Final Form, since you install or create bindings for these libraries. ReForm is not a set of bindings for an existing form library, it was created from scratch to use with ReScript and React.

    Code that deals with strongly typed forms can quickly become walls of repeated text. We created ReForm to be both deadly simple and to make forms sound good leveraging ReScript's powerful typesytem. Even the schemas we use are nothing more than constructors built-in in the language itself with a small size footprint.


    • Hook API
    • Schema API
    • Type safe, handleChange properly infers the value of the field it is handling
    • Context Provider
    • Field component
    • Validation strategy, OnDemand and OnChange

    Alternatives 🔥

    Support 🚀

    🌍 We usually hang out at so feel free to ask anything there.

    🇧🇷 🇵🇹 Se você é Brasileiro, Português ou fala português, você pode entrar contato através do discord do ReScriptBR.


    Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

    Thomas Deconinck

    📖 💻

    Gabriel Rubens

    💻 🐛 🤔 🖋 📖

    Lucas Besen


    Jefferson Carvalho


    Luiz Augusto Moratelli




    Lalli Nuorteva




    Kyle Davis


    Ulugbek Abdullaev


    Khoa Nguyen


    Medson Oliveira

    💻 🤔

    Ana Luiza Portello Bastos


    Freddy Harris



    📖 💻

    Marcos Oliveira

    📖 🎨

    Celso Bonutti


    Jason Smythe

    💻 📖

    This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!


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