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Agent to integrate Jest with ReportPortal.


npm install --save-dev @reportportal/agent-js-jest


1. Create jest.config.js file with reportportal configuration:

module.exports = {
    testRunner: 'jest-circus/runner',
    testRegex: ['/__tests__/.*.spec.js?$'],
    reporters: [
                apiKey: 'reportportalApiKey',
                endpoint: 'https://your.reportportal.server/api/v1',
                project: 'Your reportportal project name',
                launch: 'Your launch name',
                attributes: [
                        key: 'key',
                        value: 'value',
                        value: 'value',
                description: 'Your launch description',

In case you use the jest config section of package.json, add the following entry:

    "jest": {
        "reporters": [
                "token": "reportportalApiKey",
                "endpoint": "https://your.reportportal.server/api/v1",
                "project": "Your reportportal project name",
                "launch": "Your launch name",
                "attributes": [
                        "key": "key",
                        "value": "value"
                        "value": "value"
                "description": "Your launch description"

The full list of available options presented below.

Option Necessity Default Description
apiKey Required User's reportportal token from which you want to send requests. It can be found on the profile page of this user.
endpoint Required URL of your server. For example 'https://server:8080/api/v1'.
launch Required Name of launch at creation.
project Required The name of the project in which the launches will be created.
attributes Optional [] Launch attributes.
description Optional '' Launch description.
rerun Optional false Enable rerun
rerunOf Optional Not set UUID of launch you want to rerun. If not specified, reportportal will update the latest launch with the same name
mode Optional 'DEFAULT' Results will be submitted to Launches page
'DEBUG' - Results will be submitted to Debug page.
skippedIssue Optional true reportportal provides feature to mark skipped tests as not 'To Investigate'.
Option could be equal boolean values:
true - skipped tests considered as issues and will be marked as 'To Investigate' on reportportal.
false - skipped tests will not be marked as 'To Investigate' on application.
debug Optional false This flag allows seeing the logs of the client-javascript. Useful for debugging.
launchId Optional Not set The ID of an already existing launch. The launch must be in 'IN_PROGRESS' status while the tests are running. Please note that if this ID is provided, the launch will not be finished at the end of the run and must be finished separately.
logLaunchLink Optional false This flag allows print the URL of the Launch of the tests in console.
restClientConfig Optional Not set The object with agent property for configure http(s) client, may contain other client options eg. timeout.
Visit client-javascript for more details.
token Deprecated Not set Use apiKey instead.

The following options can be overridden using ENVIRONMENT variables:

Option ENV variable Note
endpoint RP_ENDPOINT
launch RP_LAUNCH
attributes RP_ATTRIBUTES Format: key:value,key:value,value
description RP_DESCRIPTION
mode RP_MODE
token RP_TOKEN deprecated Use RP_API_KEY instead.

This is for your convenience if you have a continuous job that runs your tests and may report results that point to a different reportportal project definition, launch name, or attributes.

2. Add script to package.json file:

  "scripts": {
    "test": "jest --no-colors --detectOpenHandles --config ./jest.config.js"



The agent has support of retries. Read more about retries in jest.

Copyright Notice

Licensed under the Apache License v2.0


This code was based on the jest-junit and adapted by team members of Ontoforce for the ReportPortal upload. Ontoforce contributed this effort as Open Source to the ReportPortal project team.

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