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This library provides a couple of utility types used in other remote-ui libraries. All of these types are re-exported from @remote-ui/core.


RemoteComponentType<Type, Props, AllowedChildren>

A “type” in remote-ui is represented with a humble string. You pass a string to RemoteRoot#createComponent](../core#remoterootcreatecomponent) in order to create a new component instance, and a string identifier for the component is the only required argument. However, many of the remote-ui libraries have support for a more strongly-typed version of that string, which is the purpose of RemoteComponentType. This type is still “just a string”, but includes additional type parameters for the type of the properties allowed for that component, and for the types of components this component accepts as children. The [RemoteComponent` APIs, as well as a number of others, use these types to offer you editor autocompletion on property names, and other helpful type checking.

The AllowedChildren argument does not perform any runtime validation, it only provides compile-time checking to ensure value children are appended to a component. If your component accepts any child, including being able to accept text nodes as children, you can pass true for this type parameter (or leave it unset, as the default is true).


If the Type parameter is a RemoteComponentType, this will extract the exact string type that is that component’s unique name.

type Button = RemoteComponent<'Button', {onPress(): void}>;
type ButtonType = IdentifierForRemoteComponent<Button>; // 'Button'


If the Type parameter is a RemoteComponentType, this will extract the props type for that component

type Button = RemoteComponent<'Button', {onPress(): void}>;
type ButtonType = PropsForRemoteComponent<Button>; // {onPress(): void}




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