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    Recogito Geotagging Widget

    A geo-tagging editor widget for Annotorious and RecogitoJS.

    Try the live demos here:


    Download the latest release and include the JS script file. You can also get the script files directly from the CDN:

        <!-- Annotorious -->
        <link rel="stylesheet" href="">
        <script src=""></script>
        <!-- Geotagging Widget -->
        <script src=""></script>
        <div id="content">
          <img id="hallstatt" src="640px-Hallstatt.jpg">
          (function() {
            // Widget configuration (optional!)
            var config = {
              // XYZ tileserver URL pattern, defaults to 'https://{s}{z}/{x}/{y}.png',
              tileUrl: '{z}/{y}/{x}',
              // Map origin for empty annotations, defaults to [0, 0]
              defaultOrigin: [ 48, 16 ],
              // Map zoom for empty annotations, defaults to 7
              defaultZoom: 10
              // Search endpoint, either String ('osm' | 'whg') or custom function
              search: 'osm'
            var anno = Annotorious.init({
              image: 'hallstatt',
                widgets: [
                { widget: recogito.GeoTagging(config) },

    If you use npm: npm install @recogito/geotagging-widget and

    import GeotaggingWidget from '@recogito/geotagging-widget';
    const config = {
      defaultOrigin: [ 48, 16 ]
    const anno = new Annotorious({
      image: imageEl,
      widgets: [
        { widget: GeotaggingWidget(config) },

    The plugin is also compatible with RecogitoJS. Initialization works the same way.

    Using Custom Gazetteers

    To enable place search, the plugin includes connectors to two public gazetteer databases: OpenStreetMap, through the public Nominatim API; and the API of the World Historical Gazetteer.

    Please note that both of these services are free - but may impose their own rate and usage limits - which means you will have to use them at your own discretion and risk. You can also connect other (or your own) gazetteer search endpoints, by supplying a custom search function in the configuration. See this Wiki page for details.


    BSD 3-Clause


    This plugin was made possible thanks to the support Huygens ING and the Golden Agents project.

    Sample images:


    npm i @recogito/geotagging-widget

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