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    Welcome to Astro Static Tweet 👋

    This is a open source Astro component. Astro is a open-source Static Site Generator... But it comes with a bring your own framework approach as well as the option to use components but output fully static websites.

    So far i'm in ❤️ with Astro.

    A small downside I noted when one adds Tweets as embeds to a website, they always pull in JavaScript to render the Tweet. This makes little to no sense, to just get a fancy like count.

    That's why I build this plugin. You can input a tweet ID and this plugin will convert it into a static tweet!

    The best part? You can even style it 🤫

    Installing the plugin

    Once you setup your Astro project simply run the following command:

    npm i @rebelchris/astro-static-tweet

    You can then use the component like this:

    import { StaticTweet } from '@rebelchris/astro-static-tweet'
    <StaticTweet id="1359064894377762816" />

    Now all that's left is for you to get some Twitter credentials, since this plugin uses the Twitter API to fetch the Tweet.

    Follow my guide on getting Twitter credentials here.

    Then create a .env file in the root of your project and add the following variables.


    And that's it, you're now ready to go!


    You can find the demo here: Astro static tweet demo

    Working on these features

    • [ ] Fix styling
    • [ ] Write style guide
    • [ ] Test all tweet options (media/poll/video/multi image/reaction)
    • [ ] Enable cache option?
    • [ ] You tell me? Create an issue with your wishes


    npm i @rebelchris/astro-static-tweet

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