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    ReScript / Reason bindings for @react-native-community/datetimepicker.

    Exposed as the ReactNativeDateTimePicker module.

    Version x.y.z of @reason-react-native/datetimepicker is intended to be compatible with version x.y.z of @react-native-community/datetimepicker.


    When @react-native-community/datetimepicker is properly installed & configured by following their installation instructions, you can install the bindings:

    npm install @reason-react-native/datetimepicker
    # or
    yarn add @reason-react-native/datetimepicker

    @reason-react-native/datetimepicker should be added to bs-dependencies in your bsconfig.json. For example,

      "bs-dependencies": [
        // ...
    +    "@reason-react-native/datetimepicker"



    locale = string

    Refer to documentation for valid values.


    Assuming pickerEvent is PickerEvent.t, you can access // => option(int)
    pickerEvent.nativeEvent.timestamp // => int

    Note that target is undefined on Android.


    All props other than value are optional.

    value: Js.Date.t


    Current value for time and date.

    maximumDate: Js.Date.t

    Latest date that can be selected. For example maximumDate = Js.Date.makeWithYMD(2020., 10., 15., ()). Note that months are numbered from 0.

    minimumDate: Js.Date.t

    Earliest date that can be selected. For example minimumDate = Js.Date.makeWithYMD(2015., 0., 18., ()). Note that months are numbered from 0.

    mode: [ | `date | `time | `datetime | `countdown]

    Type of the picker. Note that

    • `date is the default
    • `datetime and `countdown are iOS only

    display: [ | `default | `spinner | `calendar | `clock]

    Android only

    How the picker is displayed. Note that

    • `calendar is only for mode=`date
    • `clock is only for mode=`time

    onChange: (pickerEvent, Js.Date.t) => unit

    • pickerEvent has keys nativeEvent on both platforms and also _type on Android.

    • Android: _type key takes value "set" (when the dialog is closed via "OK") or "dismissed" (when the dialog is closed via "cancel").

    timeZoneOffsetInMinutes: int

    iOS only

    Allows changing time zone of the date picker. By default device's time zone is used. As an example, set to 60 for GMT+1.

    locale: locale

    iOS only

    Allows changing locale of the component. By default device's locale is used.

    Refer to documentation for valid values.

    is24Hour: bool

    Android only.

    Allows changing of the time picker to a 24 hour format. Default is false.

    minuteInterval: [ |_1 | _2 |_3 | _4 |_5 | _6 |_10 | _12 |_15 | _20 |_30 ]`

    iOS only.

    Interval at which minutes can be selected. Polymorphic constructors are rendered to string (that is `_3 becomes "3").


    Check the changelog for more information about recent releases.


    Read the contribution guidelines before contributing.

    Code of Conduct

    We want this community to be friendly and respectful to each other. Please read our full code of conduct so that you can understand what actions will and will not be tolerated.


    npm i @reason-react-native/datetimepicker

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