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    ReScript / Reason bindings for @react-native-community/react-native-checkbox.

    The module will be exposed as ReactNativeCheckbox.

    Version x.y.z of @reason-react-native/checkbox is intended to be compatible with version x.y.z of @react-native-community/react-native-checkbox.


    When @react-native-community/react-native-checkbox is properly installed & configured by following their installation instructions, you can install the bindings:

    npm install @reason-react-native/checkbox
    # or
    yarn add @reason-react-native/checkbox

    @reason-react-native/checkbox should be added to bs-dependencies in your bsconfig.json. For example,

      "bs-dependencies": [
        // ...
    +    "@reason-react-native/checkbox"




    Assuming checkboxEvent is CheckBoxEvent.t, you can access // => int
    checkboxEvent.nativeEvent.value // => bool

    value represents value of the checkbox as updated by the event.


    Type to be used in ref and with NativeMethods, as with other components in React Native bindings.


    is an alias for React.Ref.t(Js.nullable(element)).

    CheckBox common props

    All props are optional.

    value: bool

    Value of the checkbox. When true, checkbox will be checked. Default value is false.

    onChange: checkBoxEvent => unit

    Returns a native event.


    Returns the new bool value.

    testID: string

    Used to locate this view in end-to-end tests.

    CheckBox Android props

    disabled: bool

    When true, user will not be able to toggle the checkbox. Default value is false.


      (~_true: int=?, ~_false: int=?, unit) => tintColors

    Value for _true will be used when the checkbox is checked, and value for _false will be used when it is not checked.

    CheckBox iOS props

    lineWidth: float

    The width of the lines of the check mark and box. Defaults to 2.0.

    hideBox: bool

    Control if the box should be hidden or not. Defaults to false

    boxType: `circle or `square

    The type of box to use. Defaults to `circle

    tintColor: Color.t

    The color of the box when the checkbox is Off. Defaults to #aaaaaa

    onCheckColor: Color.t

    The color of the check mark when it is On. Defaults to #007aff

    onFillColor: Color.t

    The color of the inside of the box when it is On. Defaults to transparent

    onTintColor: Color.t

    The color of the line around the box when it is On. Defaults to #007aff

    animationDuration: float

    The duration in seconds of the animations. Defaults to 0.5

    onAnimationType: `stroke or `fill or `bounce or `flat or `oneStroke or `fade

    The type of animation to use when the checkbox gets checked. Defaults to `stroke

    offAnimationType: `stroke or `fill or `bounce or `flat or `oneStroke or `fade

    The type of animation to use when the checkbox gets unchecked. Defaults to `stroke

    View props

    Refer to @reason-react-native/react-native documentation.


    Check the changelog for more information about recent releases.


    Read the contribution guidelines before contributing.

    Code of Conduct

    We want this community to be friendly and respectful to each other. Please read our full code of conduct so that you can understand what actions will and will not be tolerated.


    npm i @reason-react-native/checkbox

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