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A simple React component capable of building HTML forms out of a JSON schema. Based on and initially forked from react-jsonschema-form


react-jsonschema-form was one of my favorite project in github.

But it has:

  • Bootstrap Dependency: This type of libraries must be usefull for all developers. ( Not only bootstrap developers)

  • HTML Dependency: For cross platfrom development needs, HTML tags must be removed from project.

  • Too Complext Code: Since bussiness logic and view codes are blended in project, it is nearly impossible to add another view library support

  • Readonly Support: This library must also be usable for data view, not only a form library.

What is ReactJSF?

  • Simply a json-schema implementation on javascript, react or react-native.

  • Initially forked from react-jsonschema-form

Changes from forked project

  • Components and json-schema logic seperated each other

  • All bootstrap dependencies removed

  • All html dependencies removed (Now project runs in react-native also)

  • All backward compabilities removed (React <16.9 is not supported)

  • Seperated into multi project

  • All HOC's removed (It's now has a clean Virtual-DOM)

  • Widget fall down methodology added. (If widget is not found, automatically switch to most possible alternative)

  • Readonly attributes added,(Now you can show form in view mode also)

  • Ui Shema removed: Instead of uiSchema ui, uiDefault namespaces added to original json schema.

  • Array Template, Object Template, ... removed. Pure widgets used to view data.

  • Table view added


Project Platforms Type Definition
@reactjsf/core react,react-native Core
@reactjsf/antd react Widget Ant Design Widget Set
@reactjsf/bootstrap react Widget Bootstrap Widget Set
@reactjsf/fabric-ui react Widget Fabric Ui Widget Set
@reactjsf/material-ui react Widget Material Ui Widget Set
@rjsf-ce/demo react Demo Ant Design, Material Ui, Bootstrap, Fabric Ui, Demo Application

React-Native Projects

Not implemented yet.

Live Playground

Not implemented yet.

You can check forked projects live playground is hosted on gh-pages.



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