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    RDF/JS Types

    Authoritative TypeScript typings for all RDF/JS specifications

    The types should match the RDF/JS specifications (Data Model, Dataset and Stream). However, because they also take advantage of TypecScript-specific syntax features, some differences are inevitable. If something does not add up, please open an issue.


    Installed as usual using your favourite package manager.

    yarn add @rdfjs/types

    This package does not provide code, only interafces for the RDF/JS specifications. Import them to strong-type your RDF/JS code.

    import type { NamedNode, DatasetCore, Stream } from '@rdfjs/types'

    Or import separately from type modules corresponding the specifications.

    import type { NamedNode } from '@rdfjs/types/data-model'
    import type { DatasetCore } from '@rdfjs/types/dataset'
    import type { Stream } from '@rdfjs/types/stream'


    Everyone is invited to open issues and pull requests. When you create a PR, please add or update the rdf-js-tests.ts file to reflect your changes.

    You may also create a changeset file by running npx run changeset and following the simple wizard. If you don't do that, such as in the case when editing from your browser, do not worry. A maintainer can also create it for you when you open a PR.

    What about @types/rdf-js?

    This package replaces typings previously managed in the DefinitelyTyped repository.

    The old package wil be deprecated but continue to work for backwards compatibility but library maintainers are encouraged to use @rdfjs/types instead.


    npm i @rdfjs/types


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