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    Railz Visualizations Angular

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    This is an angular wrapper for @railzai/railz-visualization, it was generated with Angular CLI version 13.2.0.

    To Install

    With NPM:

    npm install @railzai/railz-visualizations-react

    With Yarn:

    yarn add @railzai/railz-visualizations-react

    Local Development

    To build and test your components locally, you will need to link the packages together. This is a replacement for publishing packages to npm that allows you to develop and test locally.

    To do this, we’ll use the npm link command, follow the steps below to setup local environment.

    1. Clone this repository
    2. Install dependencies using yarn install or npm install
    3. Build the packages/components library and create a symlink to the library.
    npm run build
    npm link

    Link Your Packages

    With the symlink created, the Angular component library will need to consume the stencil component library. Go to packages/components-angular folder and run the below:

    npm link @railzai/railz-visualizations

    And with that, the angular component library is linked to the stencil component library are linked together.

    In your angular component library, you need to create its own symlink.

    npm run build
    npm link


    In your own Angular Application, you can run the below to link both libraries

    npm link @railzai/railz-visualizations-angular

    To make use of the Angular component library in your Angular application, set up your module file to import the visualizations module.

    import { RailzVisualizationsModule } from '@railzai/railz-visualizations-angular/dist';




    npm i @railzai/railz-visualizations-angular

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