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We’re archiving Anvil Connect and all related packages. This code is entirely MIT Licensed. You’re free to do with it what you want. That said, we are recommending against using it, due to the potential for security issues arising from unmaintained software. For more information, see the announcement at anvil.io.

Anvil Connect

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We're building a modern authorization server to authenticate your users and protect your APIs.

Simplified Security

  • Share user accounts between multiple apps and services with Single Sign-On (shared sessions)
  • Issue signed JSON Web Tokens to protect your APIs
  • Be a federated identity provider with OpenID Connect
  • Enable third-party developers using two- and three-legged OAuth 2.0

Flexible User Authentication

  • Use local passwords, OAuth 1.0, OAuth 2.0, OpenID, SAML 2.0, LDAP, Active Directory, and more
  • Works out of the box with Google, Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, and a growing list of providers
  • Custom schemes using virtually any existing Passport.js strategy or your own code

Make it yours

  • Brand the interface with your own design
  • Use middleware hooks for domain specific implementations
  • Keep your changes under version control without forking

Standard, Interoperable, and Open Source

  • Language and platform agnostic
  • Implements widely accepted, well-understood protocols
  • MIT license

Getting Started


We are a growing community of contributors of all kinds, join us!

Chat on Gitter or Slack

Come say hello on Gitter or Slack! We love talking shop with Anvil Connect users :)

Gitter Slack IRC

Weekly Community Meetings

Every Thursday at 9AM PDT / 12PM EDT / 4PM GMT we get together to map out the future of the project, talk through specs, review code, and help each other ship. You're welcome to join in.

Pair Programming

We often pair on more challening or new code, hop into Gitter or Slack and join us, or request your own session.

Need more engagement?

Support and consulting also available, contact us via the website or by email


  • Used in production since July 2014
  • Active development as of March 2015

MIT License

Copyright (c) 2015 Anvil Research, Inc.


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