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    jQuery Tree Plugin ---- zTree

    last version : 3.5.48

    Donate to zTree : http://www.treejs.cn/v3/donate.php

    zTree API : http://www.treejs.cn/v3/api.php

    zTree Demo : http://www.treejs.cn/v3/demo.php


    npm install @ztree/ztree_v3

    Introduction of zTree (简介)

    • zTree is a multi-functional "tree plug-ins." based on jQuery. The main advantages of zTree includes excellent performance, flexible configuration, and the combination of multiple functions. (zTree 是一个依靠 jQuery 实现的多功能 “树插件”。优异的性能、灵活的配置、多种功能的组合是 zTree 最大优点。)

    • zTree is a free tree plug-in and uses the MIT license. (zTree 是开源免费的软件, 使用 MIT 许可证)

    • The code of zTree v3.x has been separated according to the various functions. You can only load the code you need. (zTree v3.x 将核心代码按照功能进行了分割,不需要的代码可以不用加载)

    • zTree v3.x uses delay loading technique, which can easily load tens of thousands of nodes in seconds even in IE6 browser. (采用了 延迟加载 技术,上万节点轻松加载,即使在 IE6 下也能基本做到秒杀)

    • Compatible with IE, FireFox?, Chrome, Opera, Safari and other browsers. (兼容 IE、FireFox?、Chrome、Opera、Safari 等浏览器)

    • Support for JSON data. (支持 JSON 数据)

    • Support for static and asynchronous data loading node. (支持静态 和 Ajax 异步加载节点数据)

    • Replace the skin / custom icon flexibly. (支持任意更换皮肤 / 自定义图标)

    • Support extremely flexible checkbox or radio selection function. (支持极其灵活的 checkbox 或 radio 选择功能)

    • Provide enough incident response callback. (提供多种事件响应回调)

    • Flexible editing (add / delete / change / search) functions, such as drag and drop nodes,you can even drag and drop multiple nodes. (灵活的编辑(增/删/改/查)功能,可随意拖拽节点,还可以多节点拖拽哟)

    • Enable to generate multiple instances of zTree in one page. (在一个页面内可同时生成多个 Tree 实例)

    • Simple parameters to achieve flexible configuration capabilities. (简单的参数配置实现 灵活多变的功能)

    • To enhance performance, zTree transforms the js & css structure to provide excellent browser compatibility and make the development more easily (zTree v3.x(JQuery Tree 插件),性能全面提升,js & css 架构全面调整,提供更好的兼容性和易开发性)


    npm i @qii404/ztree_v3

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