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    Offers a simple bidirectional communication architecture between Python and JavaScript, with support for Jupyter comms in both the classic notebook and Jupyterlab. Available for use by any PyViz tool, but currently primarily used by HoloViz tools.

    There are two installable components in this repository: a Python component used by various HoloViz tools and an extension to enable Jupyterlab support.

    Installing the Jupyterlab extension

    Jupyterlab users will need to install the Jupyterlab pyviz extension:

    jupyter labextension install @pyviz/jupyterlab_pyviz


    The Holoviz libraries are generally version independent of JupyterLab and the jupyterlab_pyviz extension has been supported since holoviews 1.10.0 and the first release of pyviz_comms.

    Our goal is that jupyterlab_pyviz minor releases (using the SemVer pattern) are made to follow JupyterLab minor release bumps and micro releases are for new jupyterlab_pyviz features or bug fix releases. We've been previously inconsistent with having the extension release minor version bumps track that of JupyterLab, so users seeking to find extension releases that are compatible with their JupyterLab installation may refer to the below table.

    Compatible JupyterLab and jupyterlab_pyviz versions
    JupyterLab jupyterlab_pyviz
    0.33.x 0.6.0
    0.34.x 0.6.1-0.6.2
    0.35.x 0.6.3-0.7.2
    1.0.x 0.8.0
    2.0.x 0.9.0-1.0.3

    Developing the Jupyterlab extension

    For a development install (requires npm version 4 or later), do the following in the repository directory:

    npm install
    jupyter labextension link .

    To rebuild the package and the JupyterLab app:

    npm run build
    jupyter lab build

    The pyviz_comms Python package

    The pyviz_comms Python package is used by holoviz projects and can be pip and conda installed.


    npm i @pyviz/jupyterlab_pyviz

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