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Let's puzzle!

The Puzzle SDK provides React hooks that enable interaction between a privacy dApp and the Puzzle Wallet.

This SDK uses WalletConnect v2 to communicate seamlessly with the extension and mobile wallets.

Downloading the wallet

You can download the wallet on the chrome store, or on the app store.

Downloading the sdk

You can download the SDK using any of the following commands:

npm i @puzzlehq/sdk
pnpm add @puzzlehq/sdk
yarn add @puzzlehq/sdk

Test the wallet out

Visit our devtools site at dev.puzzle.online to:

  • Deploy an aleo program
  • Execute an Aleo program
  • Sign a message
  • Decrypt a ciphertext
  • View your records
  • View your events
  • Create/import a shared state

Clone a sample repo

We've built a few sample repos for your choice of a nice starting point:

You can clone the repo using the following command:

# clone the aleo-starter repo
git clone https://github.com/puzzlehq/build-a-token.git

Work in progress

The Puzzle SDK and Aleo are in early development. The Puzzle SDK is open source. If you find something that's not working, open an issue on Github or let us know on Telegram.

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