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Microsoft Azure Active Directory Resource Provider

The Microsoft Azure AD resource provider for Pulumi lets you use Azure Active Directory resources in your cloud programs. To use this package, please install the Pulumi CLI first. For a streamlined Pulumi walkthrough, including language runtime installation and Azure configuration, click "Get Started" below.


This package is available in many languages in the standard packaging formats.

Node.js (Java/TypeScript)

To use from JavaScript or TypeScript in Node.js, install using either npm:

$ npm install @pulumi/azuread

or yarn:

$ yarn add @pulumi/azuread

Python 3

To use from Python, install using pip:

$ pip install pulumi-azuread


To use from Go, use go get to grab the latest version of the library

$ go get github.com/pulumi/pulumi-azuread/sdk/v5


To use from .NET, install using dotnet add package:

$ dotnet add package Pulumi.Azuread


The following configuration points are available:

  • azuread:clientId - The Client ID which should be used. This can also be sourced from the ARM_CLIENT_ID Environment Variable.
  • azuread:tenantId - The Tenant ID which should be used. This can also be sourced from the ARM_TENANT_ID Environment Variable.
  • azuread:clientSecret - The Client Secret which should be used. This can also be sourced from the ARM_CLIENT_SECRET Environment Variable.
  • azuread:certificatePassword - The password associated with the Client Certificate. This can also be sourced from the ARM_CLIENT_CERTIFICATE_PASSWORD Environment Variable.
  • azuread:clientCertificatePath - The path to the Client Certificate associated with the Service Principal which should be used. This can also be sourced from the ARM_CLIENT_CERTIFICATE_PATH Environment Variable.
  • azuread:environment - The Cloud Environment which be used. Possible values are public, usgovernment, german and china. Defaults to public. This can also be sourced from the ARM_ENVIRONMENT environment variable.
  • azuread:msiEndpoint - The path to a custom endpoint for Managed Service Identity - in most circumstances this should be detected automatically. This can also be sourced from the ARM_MSI_ENDPOINT Environment Variable.
  • azuread:useMsi - Should Managed Service Identity be used for Authentication? This can also be sourced from the ARM_USE_MSI Environment Variable. Defaults to false.


For further information, please visit the AzureAD provider docs or for detailed reference documentation, please visit the API docs.



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