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Fonts + set of icon fonts to be used in React Native apps.

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Getting started

$ npm install @proximus/react-native-font-icons --save

$ react-native link @proximus/react-native-font-icons


import { IconMap, Icon, Fonts, NucleoIcon, Nucleo } from '@proximus/react-native-font-icons';

// Normal icon font use
<Icon name={IconMap.Smartphone} size={24} style="{{color:'red'}}" />

// Nucelo Fonts
<NucleoIcon name={Nucleo.AddBig} size={36} style="{{color:'blue'}}" />

// Text user
<Text style={{fontFamily: Fonts.primary}} />

Updating the icons fonts

UI Designers must provide fonts assets for Nucleo and/or pxIcon library.

  • Replace with received assets the latests fonts in src/assets/font/** and demo/fonts/**
  • Defined in glyphMap.json (located src/assets/**) the icons names with specific default code (Provided by Designers)
  • NOTE : please follow this pattern : icon-my-pxs-app-iconfont_{iconName} so icon names are aligned
  • Mapped those icons so it can be used as constants (located in src/styling) depending the icon type.
  • Update the version of the library in package.json
  • Publish the library
  • Once integrated in MyPxs App, for android only you need to replace in android/app/src/main/assets/fonts, the latests fonts received from the designers
  • Rebuild the app
  • Voilà

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