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💠 The QuML player for the Sunbird!

The QuML player library components are powered by Angular. This player is primarily designed to be used on Sunbird consumption platforms (mobile app, web portal, offline desktop app) to drive reusability and maintainability, hence reducing the redundant development effort significantly, and it can be integrated with any platform irrespective of the platforms and the frontend frameworks. It is exported not only as an angular library but also as a web component aims to make it easy to share, discover, and reuse web components. It creates a framework agnostic way of composing and repurposing code.

📑 Getting started with integration steps

The QuML player can be integrated as a web component and also as an angular library in angular application projects and it can also be integrated into any mobile framework as a web component.

📑 Contribution Guide

See the official contributors' guide to learn how to contribute your code to the project.

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