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KendoReact: All Components Package for React


  • This package is а part of KendoReact—a commercial UI library.
  • You will need to install a license key when adding the package to your project. For more information, please refer to the KendoReact My License page.
  • To receive a license key, you need to either purchase a license or register for a free trial. Doing so indicates that you accept the KendoReact License Agreement.
  • The 30-day free trial gives you access to all the KendoReact components and their full functionality. Additionally, for the period of your license, you get access to our legendary technical support provided directly by the KendoReact dev team!

Start using KendoReact and speed up your development process!

Every UI component in the KendoReact suite has been built from the ground-up specifically for React. This package includes all 100+ components part of the Progress KendoReact UI library for React.

What is available in KendoReact

The KendoReact library contains UI components that range from advanced ones such as the data grid, charts and gauges, rich text editor, and scheduler – to form elements such as date pickers, dropdowns, and various inputs. There are also helper libraries such as PDF and Excel processing packages.

For a full list of all available UI components, helper utilities, and accompanying documentation articles, refer to the KendoReact components list.

All components in KendoReact are fully accessible and come with compliance for WCAG 2.0, Section 508, and WAI-ARIA accessibility standards.

The source code is available only for commercial-license holders.

Controlled and Uncontrolled Modes

Most of the KendoReact components support both controlled and uncontrolled modes. You can also use state management libraries such as Redux and Relay with KendoReact.

Tree Shaking and Server-Side Rendering

KendoReact works with tree shaking so only the aspects of KendoReact that are used and imported will count towards the size of your overall JavaScript bundle. KendoReact can also work with server-side rendering (SSR). Lazy loading techniques are also supported to meet the performance requirements of any React application.

Themes and Design Languages

With the breadth of components offered by KendoReact, you can rely on the suite to provide a consistent look and feel across any UX and design requirements. The KendoReact library currently supports two of the most popular Design Languages: Material Design and Bootstrap v4. KendoReact also comes with its own default design system. All these themes allow you to either base your design on one of the existing KendoReact themes or customize a KendoReact theme to integrate into your existing Design Language.

Support Options

For any issues you might encounter while working with the KendoReact all, use any of the available support channels:

  • Industry-leading technical support—KendoReact paid license holders and users with an active (free) trial license can take advantage of our outstanding customer support. To submit a ticket, use the dedicated KendoReact support system.
  • Product forums—The KendoReact forums are part of the free support you can get from the community and from the KendoReact team.
  • Feedback portal—The KendoReact feedback portal is where you can request and vote for new features to be added.


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