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CLI for zero configuration frontend-toolchain-setup.


npm i @pro-vision/pv-scripts -D



To use the CLI, you need to create at least the entry-file (jsEntry), see Basic Configuration.

Command Line Interface

Installing this package gives you the CLI pv-scripts. It can be used with the parameters dev and prod.

To run a locally installed version of the pv-scripts, you can either call the pv-scripts command directly from your local node_modules/.bin folder or by using npx.

dev: Transpiles and bundles your code (JS/TS/JSX/TSX/SCSS) via webpack (+ all needed loaders) and opens a webpack-dev-server on the configured port (default: 8616).

npx pv-scripts dev

prod: Transpiles and bundles your code (JS/TS/JSX/TSX/SCSS) via webpack (+ all needed loaders) and writes them to your target folder.

npx pv-scripts prod

CLI flags

--stats or --statsJson

Webpack build will use webpack-bundle-analyzer to generate an html report or json output regarding the bundle sizes and its composition. Which will be stored under target/report.html and target/report.json.

This flag should only be used in combination with prod build to have a realistic information from the optimized bundles.


Basic Configuration

Basic Configuration can be done in a pv.config.js file in the npm project root-folder. Possible configuration values are:

key type default usage
devServerPort number 8616 set webpack-dev-server port
srcPath string "src" defines the working directory
destPath string "target" defines where to put bundled files
namespace string "" this controls the name-prefix on your bundled files following this pattern `[namespace].app.(js
jsEntry string "src/index.ts" defines path of your (JS|TS|JSX|TSX) entry file
cssEntry string "src/index.scss" defines path of your SCSS entry file. If src/index.scss does not exist, no error is thrown but the css generation is simply skipped
useTS boolean true defines whether you want to use Typescript
useReact boolean false defines whether you want to use React
hbsEntry string defines path of your handlebars entry file
hbsTarget string defines path to your handlebars target file
handlebarsLoaderOptions string {} Object with additional options for the handlebars-loader. See https://github.com/pcardune/handlebars-loader for these options. Paths are relative to pv.config.js
copyStaticFiles boolean false defines whether content of /static should be copied to target
cleanDest boolean false defines whether the destination folder should be cleaned before every pv-scripts run
fontsSrc string "resources/fonts/" defines folder in which the fonts are located
resourcesSrc string "resources" defines resources folder which is copied to target/resources
autoConsoleClear boolean false defines whether the console should be cleared automatically in dev-mode
enableContentHash boolean false defines whether generated js and css files should contain a content hash in their names
babelDecorator string "legacy" @babel/plugin-proposal-decorators' version property
// pv.config.js
module.exports = {
  devServerPort: 8616,
  destPath: "target",
  jsEntry: "src/index.js",
  cssEntry: "src/index.scss",
  useTS: false,
  useReact: false,
  copyStaticFiles: false

Further Configurations

For further customization of the webpack-config, specific config-files can be added to the npm project root-folder.

webpack.config.js: Valid webpack.config file which will be merged with both (dev/prod) default configs.

webpack.config.dev.js: Valid webpack.config file which will be merged with the dev default config.

webpack.config.prod.js: Valid webpack.config file which will be merged with the prod default config.

.babelrc.json Will add additional babel plugins to the existing webpack config

SVG loading

svg files will be automatically loaded when imported/referenced by js/ts/scss files.

Default behavior would be to extract the svg content when requested from js (this would allow to use the svg content easily to render markup), for css the svg will be emitted as a .svg file to the target folder and its url used in the output css. These can be overwritten by webpacks resource queries:

query behavior example
resource or external resource will be emitted to target folder and its url added to the import import svgUrl from("./icon.svg?resource"); fetch(svgUrl);
inline svg content will be base64 encoded an used inline background-image: url("./img.svg?inline"); // => background-image: url(...
auto webpack will automatically choose between resource and inline based on the file size see webpack's documentation.
source or raw the svg files content will be used import svgContent from("./icon.svg?raw"); el.innerHTML = svgContent;
/*! webpackIgnore: true */ will ignore the file/url /* webpackIgnore: true */ background-image: url("http//some-url.svg");

SASS compilation

Per default the new (dart-)sass package will be installed and used. You can also install the sass-embedded package as an npm dependency which will then be automatically used and is twice as fast as the default sass. If you need to use the legacy sass syntax (e.g. / instead of math.div) then you need to install node-sass as an npm dependency, and it will automatically be used when sass code is compiled.


A default browser query is used for compiling javascript and css. i.e. latest 2 versions of evergreen browsers (chrome, firefox, safari, edge). You can define your own browserslist. See default .browserslistrc file for an example.


You can find example projects in the examples folder:




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