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Prismic Generator Generator.

Used for generating prismic projects for use with the prismic-cli. It creates a customized yeoman-generator with some additional methods added by prismic-yeoman-generator.


First install the latest version of the prismic cli npm install -g prismic-cli@alpha then run the create-generator command.



Name of the generator, generator-prismic- will be prefixed to the input. This is prefixed so prismic-cli can determine which generators are compatible with the cli.


Both JavaScript and Typescript are supported as languages for writing a generator.

Package manager

Use yarn or npm, yarn tends to work better with mono-repositories, but it's really down to personal preference.


This adds the file and folder structure for the sm commands.

Folder structure

After prompting the cli will generate a yeoman-generator following file and folder structure.


When run this sub-generator should create a working sample project + prismic. there are three options to do this.

  1. The standard yeoman way for writing generators where the files and folders are kept in app/tempmlates. These files can be interpreted as ejs which allows variables like domain to be passed to te templates. (example: prismic-generator-nextjs)
  2. Download a project from a github repository. This is easier to get started with but less Flexible ini regards to modifying files. (example prismic-generator-vue or prismic-cli/src/generatos/theme)
  3. Reverse engineer an existing generator, a lot of frameworks provided their own generators that can be reverse-engineered to run in yeoman. (example prismic-generator-nuxt)

This sub-generator installs slicemachine-ui and configures the project to use slicemachine and installs dependacies like slice-zone


As the name suggests this sub-generator is run to add a new slice to the project. Only one file here needs to be modified and that's the templates/library/slice/index.js file. This file will be handed data from the user inputs during the prompts (sliceName) and create a generic slice in the language beiing used TODO: show example for svelt


This installs and configures storybook. Storybook does have a cli to handle this, but I've not been able to reverse engineer it to be compatible with yeoman. yeoman's this.spawnCommand might be te easiest way to install storybook, but this won't work until after the files have been written out so try and put it in the end part of the yeoman life cycle. Or run it and find what modifications where done and emulate those.

Running the generator locally.

From the root of the generator run npm link this will allow te generator to be discovered by the prismic new and prismic sm commands.




npm i @prismicio/prismic-generator-generator

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